Tiger Prawn

This lure is ideal for barra and other northern species.
100mm and dives to 3m (shallow version) or 4.5m (deep-diving version).
  King Predator
Aimed at flathead and tropical species e.g barramundi, jacks and trevally.
80mm Tight action and dives to 3m.

Belly Buster
Aimed at cod, yellow-belly and all native freshwater fish.
65mm Wide action and dives to 6m.


Blood Hound
80mm similar to Belly Buster, dives to 4m (shallow version) & 7+m (deep-diving version)

  Predator Prawn
65mm has a tight action for bream, flathead, bass and small natives
Dives to 3m.


Surface Breaker
65mm surface lure aimed at bass,cod and


Mini Surface Breaker
45mm surface lure aimed at bass cod and bream

  Nippy Nymph
40mm and dives to 1.5m. This is a smaller version
of Nippy Shrimp

Nippy Shrimp
50mm is designed for bream, flathead, bass and small natives.
Dives to 1.5m


Tiny Nugget
45mm and is a small diving lure which dives to 3m. Targets bream, bass
, flathead, trout and small natives.


Baby Nugget
Small surface lure (40mm body) aimed at specifically
bream and bass.


A natural looking surface lure (50 mm body) aimed at
bream and natives

  Fat Banger
Basscada body with blades at the back

Fizz Banger
45mm designed for bream and bass.



Gob Smacker
45mm popper for bream, bass & whiting


Surface Breaker XL

85mm big surface lure for big cod